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    The Web Of Fear Animation Trailer


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    The Web Of Fear Animation Trailer

    Post by dashragard on Sat Feb 07, 2009 12:29 pm

    A Doctor Who fan has recreated a lost trailer originally made to promote The Web of Fear.

    In 1968, at the end of the final episode of The 2nd Doctor adventure 'The Enemy of the World', a trailer for 'The Web of Fear' was transmitted with specially shot footage of Patrick Troughton.

    Unfortunately all that existed was the audio portion of the trailer, but now, thanks to pain-staking time and devotion from a Doctor Who fan, we can see what the trailer might have looked like, thanks to some amazing CGI work combined with the original audio.

    Particular praise has to be given for the ability to have caught Patrick Troughton's facial expressions and mannerisms.

    Here is the Youtube link
    - aaran-j2009



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