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    Life on Mars Empty Life on Mars

    Post by badwolf59 on Sat Apr 18, 2009 4:17 am

    Life on Mars was co-created by Matthew Graham, Tony Jordan and Ashley Pharoah.

    In short:
    It's the story of Sam Tyler (John Simm), a DCI in Manchester in 2006, who has a car crash and wakes up in 1973. There, he still works as a policeman but only as DI, and he has to adapt to life in the 1970's, and DCI Hunt (Philip Glenister) and his methods that would get him suspended if they were in 2006.

    I don't think there's any need to tell the rest of the story here, as you're all native English-speakers, you already know what it's all about! Wink

    I had to be told about Life On Mars to even know that it exists (it's not famous in France at all), a friend of mine saw it and she told everyone to watch, she said John Simm was the only reason she watched some Doctor Who, for me it sort of worked the other way, I first saw him in Doctor Who, liked him and then decided to watch Life on Mars Smile

    Got somewhat ripped off buying the DVDs, some scenes were cut in the French DVDs.

    Anyway, now Life on Mars is one of my 3 favorite series, along with Doctor Who and Torchwood Smile

    I particularly like the actors (not just John Simm Razz ), because they're all very talented, Gene Hunt is...well, how do you describe him? I'll settle for "awesome to watch", Chris is funny in his own awkward way and... well, they're all cool^^

    The very concept of the series is original, too, and there are several good ideas in each episode, funny lines, too (when I can understand them^^) and there is a strange atmosphere, helped by the music, the very 70s setting, the pace of the action as well, and of course the actors themselves Smile

    Aside from Fear Her, it's the only work of Matthew Graham I've ever seen, too few british series cross the channel, unfortunately. I've heard somewhere he's actually a Whovian, too, and that it's got something to do with Sam Tyler's name, it's a reference to Rose, isn't it?

    I hope we'll get Ashes to ashes in France, someday, and that he'll write again for Who, I quite liked Fear Her, the rest of my family didn't (could be the Olympic thing! lol! )

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