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    DWS5FF! Starts in one week!

    Bradley R. Edwards
    Bradley R. Edwards

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    DWS5FF! Starts in one week! Empty DWS5FF! Starts in one week!

    Post by Bradley R. Edwards on Sat Feb 07, 2009 5:34 am

    This is a fan fiction made by me, mainly on DWO. It had a special on 30th January and the series starts in one week today!

    This fan fiction is set straight after "The Next Doctor". The series starts in 2009 and will be ahead of the TV series by one year.

    Executive Producers:
    Bradley R. Edwards

    Banner Makers:
    The Time Warp
    The Companion

    Trailer Maker:
    Gallifrey Guardian

    Magazine Editor:
    The Darkness

    [New trailer coming soon]

    Episode Guide:

    Behind Closed Doors PsiGen 30/01/09
    Mischief Of The Ghoulnon Bradley R. Edwards 14/02/09
    Camps Of Danger Bradley R. Edwards 21/02/09
    The Monsters Under the Bed Dashragard 28/02/09
    The Salt Heart magicman92 07/03/09
    Hunt The Hunter magcman92 14/03/09
    Echoes Of Gallifrey prophet 21/03/09
    Journey To Atlantis studiopie 28/03/09
    The Crystal Of Immortality studiopie 04/04/09
    The Coming Earth dashragard & Bradley R. Edwards 11/04/09
    Massive Hunger Bradley R. Edwards 18/04/09
    The Fight For Survival Bradley R. Edwards 25/04/09
    Front Line Bradley R. Edwards 02/05/09
    The Three Time Lords Bradley R. Edwards 09/05/09

    List Of Synopsis':

    Behind Closed Doors:

    Someone or something is stealing people from the Theatre Royal in Camden Town.
    Put under cover by Unit, Martha Jones is trying to uncover the truth.
    But things aren't as they seem and when Martha comes across a blue box, but not occupant it seems that the danger level has just gone up a notch.

    Is the Doctor a victim? Or responsible for the disappearances?

    Martha Jones races against the clock to save her friends, her planet and her own sanity... but just what lurks behind closed doors?

    Mischief Of The Ghoulnon:

    As the Doctor and Martha unite with Stephanie Smith, they try desperately to uncover the michief of the Ghoulnon.

    Camps Of Danger:

    As the Doctor attempts to give Stephanie a good first-timer in the TARDIS, it becomes a situation in which they are seperated and have to survive in their different ways. And the worst part is, it's World War 2, and while the Doctor is in London held hostage by Germans, Stephanie is in Poland...during the Holocaust.

    The Salt Heart:

    As the Doctor and Stephanie try to escape from all the running, something is following them. An assassin is on the loose and will stop at nothing to get what he wants!

    Hunt The Hunter:

    The Doctor and Stephanie try to lose the assassin as they stand off high in the constellations. Can the Doctor stop the bloodshed? Who sent the assassin? And what does he want?


    DWS5FF- Best New Series


    "I can see the whole Universe...I can see the planets that have burnt...I can see the Vortex...and...I can see you, Doctor!"

    "How can you stop me now? I have all these people at my command, you have nothing, just humans."

    "I count on them, that's where you go wrong, you have armies but you don't trust, you never have, never will, so I'm going to wipe out the Macra, mature the Sea Devils, find peace for the Cybermen...then...oh ho then...when I come after you, the Ice Warriors will feel the heat, and i'm going to stop you for the last time!"

    "I'm offering...a million credits to however can kill the Doctor! Bring me his head!"

    "Doctor, what do we do?"


    "Jack...do you know what we do?"

    "Now choose, Doctor! The Crystal Of Immortality...or your friend!"



    "Now how do you feel? Now that she's died?"

    "She's getting married."


    "Atlantis is real then?"

    "You are just an echo of Gallifrey, nothing more."


    "Doctor, look out!"

    "I'm regenerating!"

    "Calling Martha Jones."

    "Torchwood is ready."

    "I've travelled two hundred light years because I could smell you, now Doctor, the money will be mine!"

    "May I introduce the Kankon Maxtoru."

    "There's a reason he's controlling the Sea Devils, the Cybermen, and the Ice Warriors, there seemed to be a weak control over the Macra...hmmm...yes...no...yes...no...wait a minute...oh sorry, no, still clueless."

    "Here, take his TARDIS."


    "Give it up, the Crystal Of Immortality is destroyed."


    Bradley R. Edwards

    Back-Up Writers:

    Captin Jack
    The Darkness

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    DWS5FF! Starts in one week! Empty Re: DWS5FF! Starts in one week!

    Post by matty19961 on Sat Feb 07, 2009 9:25 am

    Sound good, cant wait!

    DWS5FF! Starts in one week! BannersTSmatt

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