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    PsiGens review of the Tardis Site fourms


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    PsiGens review of the Tardis Site fourms

    Post by PsiGen on Sun May 03, 2009 12:46 pm

    Right then.... hello to one and all
    Love the way things are shaping up.. one or two pointers I would give.

    Get rid of the chatroom that says disconnected all the time at the top of the page. If people wanna chat they'll click the link

    Love the fact you've covered all the bases, but I would have a preset size for the images per section otherwise it takes longer to scroll down

    Why have a section for everything? Group them to make the forums more navigatible is my advice for example: Cast area, followed by sub folders for individuals.

    Like the affiliates at the side, and the range of smilieys available. Like the updated topics on the right hand side, very nice and informative.

    In the 'leave a message for ... ' sections this could be misinterpreted. For instance do the individuals check out the forum or is it just a mutual good feedback area. It does sound like the directors/writers etc etc check out the forum and this can be misrepresented later on down the line.

    Other then that.. you need more content, even if they're set up threads. Maybe a site map?

    Nice site, keep up the development!

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