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    Request Regarding Spoilers

    Bradley R. Edwards
    Bradley R. Edwards

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    Request Regarding Spoilers

    Post by Bradley R. Edwards on Tue Jul 29, 2008 7:53 am

    Since this is an upcoming series, you are bound to have one or two spoilers, so, when posting a spoiler, please wrap in a spoiler tag by using the Others button located in the area above with Bold Italic Underline etc.

    Fail to wrap in spoiler tags, and a mod or admin will delete or edit the message, if we edit it, we will put the spoiler in spoiler tags then notify you about it.

    If you continue to post spoilers without putting in spoiler tags on purpose, we will ban you and you will be emailed about the situation, however the ban will not be permanant.

    All the best,
    Bradley (Admin)

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